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Welcome to Superior Alarms & Service, Lincoln's Premier Security and Surveillance Systems Integrator.  Over the next 4 years our goal is to become the biggest name in Security for the state of Nebraska.  We are a family owned company, employing solid, seasoned, extremely knowledgeable sales staff and technicians.

Whether you need a home security system with fire and burglar alarm or a complex integrated business security system with access control and video surveillance at multiple locations, you've found the right partner.  We are dedicated to installations providing our customers Peace of Mind and  ZERO False Alarms.

Contact: Kristen in our sales department today!

Lincoln: (402)318-9285


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Superior Alarms & Service is locally owned and operated, founded in 2005.   Superior Alarms offers a complete range of home security systems and business security systems including burglar alarm, fire alarm, carbon monoxide monitor, video surveillance systems with digital video recording, access control systems and a UL certified 24-hour Security Command Center alarm monitoring. SAS offers smart home technologies and security applications to all residential and executive homes. In addition, we provide expert installation on all of our and offer value added services such as professional home theater system installation. Our unmatched technical expertise and commitment to customer service continue to distinguish us from the competition.  For more information please contact us in Lincoln (402)318-9285



Superior Alarms & Service

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